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Video: Disturbing Discovery Made Right Next to Kids Section at Target

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If you thought Target had removed LGBT-themed merchandise aimed at children following a conservative backlash, you thought wrong.

On Friday, podcaster Benny Johnson posted a disturbing 9-minute Twitter video showing gay “pride” clothing and accessories geared toward kids prominently displayed at a Target in Tampa, Florida.

Two days earlier, after a nationwide uproar over LGBT-promoting children’s merchandise and “tuck-friendly” women’s swimsuits with “extra crotch coverage” for men who claim they’re women, the retail giant said in a news release that it was “making adjustments to our plans, including removing items that have been at the center of the most significant confrontational behavior.”

“They lied,” Johnson said, pointing to a display of mannequins dressed in gay-themed apparel, including a child dummy modeling overalls with a rainbow embroidered on the front.

“So Target has apparently apologized for this and has removed all these items after the backlash. They’re lying to you. Not true,” Johnson said. “They’re just hoping you don’t notice. Nothing has been removed.”

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He continued: “You can still find the satanist items. You can still find these [LGBT-themed] displays with the children right at the front of the store. Literally right at the front of the store.”

The retail giant has come under fire for aggressively promoting LGBT-themed children’s clothing and accessories designed by Erik Carnell for the London-based Abprallen. The self-proclaimed “gay transgender” is known for satanic designs.

Target has been accused of trying to “groom children” with lurid, age-inappropriate merchandise that glorifies transgenderism and homosexuality.

In discount bins at the front of the store Johnson toured, shelves that were labeled “Take Pride” and decorated with rainbows promoted LGBT flags, including one labeled “genderqueer.”

About 15 steps into the store, a display of mannequins appeared to show a family comprised of three adult females, along with a girl and a boy mannequin wearing overalls with a rainbow embroidered on the front.

Behind the children was a burly female dummy modeling a T-shirt with naked cartoon women drawn across the chest that reads, “She,” “He” and “They.”

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Tellingly, the fatherless mannequin family was located right next to the children’s section.

“Don’t tell me that’s by accident,” Johnson said. “You literally can’t get to this kids section without walking through here.”

Meanwhile, the children’s section was stacked with LGBT merchandise, such as mugs with the words, “Gender fluid.”

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The shelves also prominently displayed school folders that proclaimed, “Glad you came out!” and an LGBT-themed baby’s bib.

There also were candles for sale on the top shelf labeled, “He. She. Ze. They.”

Clothing racks promoted T-shirts that showed same-sex hand-holding pictures emblazoned across the front. Next to those were rainbow backpacks and fanny packs that proclaimed, “We belong everywhere.”

Gay-themed onesies for babies and T-shirts with the slogan “TRANS PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS EXIST” littered store shelves.

Close to that display were the “tuck-friendly” women’s swimsuits with “extra crotch coverage” for men who claim they’re women.

Target’s in-your-face zeal for transgenderism and over-the-top lionization of the LGBT lifestyle — directed at children — should wake parents up to the insidious indoctrination that’s happening in front of their eyes.

The left-wing brainwashing occurs on multiple levels: It starts in the classroom and is aggressively reinforced through constant exposure online, on TV, throughout pop culture and by the establishment media.

Conservatives have stayed silent on this multilevel assault on children for too long. Complacency and compliance are not the solution.

As Johnson asked in his video tour of Target: “Do you even have values if you don’t stand up for them?”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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