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Video: Dozens Involved in Wild Brawl Over Alleged Steak Shortage at Golden Corral

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Customers hoping for a classic buffet dinner at a Golden Corral in Pennsylvania on Friday night were instead met with a massive brawl.

A stunning video shows dozens of customers throwing punches, tables and chairs during the disturbance.

According to KYW-TV, police said more than 40 people may have been involved in the fight that broke out in Bensalem. They cited an argument between customers as the reason for the brawl.

Former Golden Corral employee Dylan Becker told KYW that a current employee of the restaurant described the situation to him.

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“From what I heard, it was over steak,” Becker said. “Apparently somebody cut in line.”

Gaven Lauletta, a friend of Becker’s, told KYW he heard the same story from an employee of the Golden Corral.

“There was a shortage of steak, and two parties were involved,” Lauletta said. “One family cut in front of another family, they were taking their time and they ran out of steak and it got into a heated exchange at the tables.”

In a written statement to The Western Journal, JK Hospitality, the Golden Corral franchisee, said it was aware of the incident.

“We are aware of an unfortunate disturbance that started between two parties of guests at our franchise restaurant in Bensalem, PA,” the group said.

“We notified the local authorities, and they are investigating the incident. Thankfully, no serious injuries have been reported. The safety of our guests and co-workers is our top priority.”

JK Hospitality did not confirm whether the melee resulted from a steak shortage, but one man in the video can be heard saying, “All I wanted was some steak.”

Local police are actively investigating the incident. The person or parties who started the brawl could potentially face assault charges.

The fight drew major attention on social media, with the phrase “Golden Corral” trending on Twitter with over 17,000 mentions as of Tuesday afternoon.

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Comedian Roy Wood Jr. joked that while he loves Golden Corral steak, he was not sure it was worth facing jail time over.

However, locals who spoke to KYW were not amused by the fight.

One man said it concerns him because the Pennsylvania community is supposed to be “safe for families,” while a woman said she was disturbed by the reckless disregard for safety.

“No respect for anything,” the woman told KYW. “No respect for people or for property or anything.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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