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Video: Father Breaks World Record for Most Push-Ups in an Hour, But Then a Big Problem Is Noticed

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An Australian man is the new world record holder for most push-ups in a single hour, but whether he actually accomplished the feat is up for debate.

Lucas Helmke, 33, became the official Guinness World Record holder after completing 3,206 push-ups in 60 minutes, People reported.

He accomplished the feat in November, but Guinness only recognized his achievement last week after the video was thoroughly reviewed. In order to set the record, Helmke had to use the proper form or his push-ups would be disallowed.

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The Aussie beat the previous record of 3,182 push-ups set just a year ago by one of his countrymen — a man named Daniel Scali.

Helmke trained for three years to build up enough muscle and stamina to take the record.

But according to some who watched the display, the fitness junkie and father completed a grand total of zero push-ups.

Twitter was unrelenting in evaluating Helmke’s form. Many noted that he failed to go all the way down to the ground:

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In spite of his doubters, Guinness awarded Helmke with the record — even if it did disqualify 34 of his push-ups.

People reported that Helmke decided to chase the record to show his young son that “nothing is impossible.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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