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Video: Freaky Lights Really Were in Sky Right Before Earthquake - But They're Probably Not From a Secret Weapon

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Shortly after last week’s major earthquake in Morocco, the conspiracy theorists came out of the woodwork.

Granted, the so-called “earthquake lights” that appeared just as the shaking started gave them more to work with than usual, as shown in the video below that was posted to X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter.

Translated on the app, the post reads: “One of the brothers from brotherly Morocco sent me this strange clip from a surveillance camera of his house in the city of Agadir at the moment the earthquake occurred… Mysterious blue flashes of light appeared on the horizon and no one knew what they were. Knowing that these same lights appeared at the moment of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria 7 months ago. Does anyone have an explanation?”

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This video, which appears to be authentic but has not been independently verified by The Western Journal, shows a phenomenon sometimes referred to as “earthquake lights” that have previously been reported at other earthquake sites.

In fact, accounts of such lights accompanying earthquakes have been around for hundreds of years, according to The New York Times — even though some geologists suspect they’re the result of electrical archs from shaking lines or other man-made constructs.

“People have wondered about them forever,” Karen Daniels, a physicist at North Carolina State University, told the Times. “It’s one of those persistent mysteries that hang around and never quite get nailed.”

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Some have suggested that the friction caused by rocks rubbing against other rocks during the quake generates electricity, but Daniels doubts it.

“Rock on rock is not a situation where people have been able to generate large charge separation,” she said. “And so it just doesn’t seem like a very good explanation for what people see.”

Videos like the one above should not be confused with videos like the following, which has been thoroughly debunked.

We can therefore say with some confidence that such lights are not caused by flying saucers, secret weapons, the Agarthans, Nephilim, Reptilians, Agenda 21 or, so far as I am aware, the Loch Ness Monster. (The Western Journal reached out to Nessie for comment but received no reply prior to publication.)

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That doesn’t mean, however, that they aren’t something of a mystery to the scientific community.

Until geologists find a way to predict earthquakes so that they can be present to study their associated phenomena, however, they will probably remain something of an unknown.

Josh Ebel, a seismologist who has written a book on earthquakes, said “earthquake lights” have been reported at the sites of at least 65 earthquakes in Europe and North and South America over the past three centuries, including lights that glow for minutes without ceasing and others that flash. Different colors have also been reported.

“All of these have been reported by observers,” Ebel told the Times. “Which ones are actually true, and which ones are products of their imagination, we can’t really say.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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