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VIDEO: Hunter Has Harrowing Encounter with Unknown Creature

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For many Americans, fall is the most satisfying season.  Not only do we find ourselves no longer oppressed by the heat and the mosquitoes, but it’s also the season of sport.

The best baseball happens in the fall.  The NFL and NCAA football seasons are occurring concurrently.  Hockey and the NBA come back into our lives.

And we mustn’t forget about hunting season, with millions of Americans trekking out into the wilderness in search of not only food and a trophy, but an experience like few others in this life. Hunting truly is a transformative pursuit; one that is both ancient and modern, both powerful and serene.

For one hunter, however, his return to the forest was marked with an incredible encounter.

An intriguing piece of footage circulating online shows what appears to be a fairly clear glimpse of a Bigfoot walking through a birch forest. The YouTube channel NvTv received the remarkable video from a witness who, unfortunately, did not indicate where or when the alleged sighting happened, though he did provide some details as to how the remarkable encounter unfolded. While visiting a wooded area in preparation for the upcoming hunting season, the man says, he noticed “something walking” in the distance before it suddenly “ducked down into the brush.” When he got closer to the oddity, the hunter began filming the strange creature when it emerged from the tall grass and began venturing deeper into the forest.

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The video was flabbergasting.

As seen in the video above, this vantage point allowed for the witness to get a fairly good look at the suspected Sasquatch as it took several steps through the woods and, in the process, one can hear what sounds like sizeable sticks seemingly breaking under the weight of the creature. Although frightened by what he was seeing, the hunter says that he tried to pursue what he believed to be Bigfoot, but the bipedal beast was too quick for him and it soon vanished into the wilderness. The final detail added by the man is that he had previously seen a Sasquatch in his youth, but the close proximity to the creature on this occasion led him to conclude that it was not a bear or a person pulling a prank.

The lack of details surrounding the purported sighting have led many skeptics to be concerned about the potential authenticity of the footage, but you can judge for yourself below.


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