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VIDEO: Mark Levin Delivers Scathing Commentary on Senate Judiciary Committee

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CRTV host and conservative radio personality Mark Levin delivered a most scathing criticism of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s handling of SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings.

Lots of conservatives from around the country share Levin’s sentiment, as they are frustrated with how the committee has seemingly given in to the demands of Kavanaugh’s accusers without putting up a fight.

“They’re either filled with perverts or totalitarians,” he said, stating that he believed Kavanaugh’s denials and that the accusers need to be questioned about their allegations.

Levin made the comments Wednesday night to Fox News host Sean Hannity.

“I believe Brett Kavanaugh,” he said. “The Democrats, their lawyers, their operatives, the Senate, their shadows, all scheming around in the shadows, they have all come up with literally nothing tangible or concrete.”

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Levin explained that he wanted to hear Dr. Ford’s testimony, but that she needs to be questioned thoroughly because of the seriousness of her accusations.

“She needs to be cross-examined aggressively,” he emphasized. “She’s not the bubble lady.”

Levin added, “When somebody accuses somebody of a horrific crime, 36 years after the fact, said nothing to anybody else that we know of. At least, there is no witness of any kind. The four people she mentioned said, no, that’s not true. Ms. Ford needs to be questioned and thoroughly.”

Levin is spot on here, especially about the need for Ford to be cross-examined aggressively. Some might think that’s harsh, but she’s making some serious allegations, claims that could completely destroy Kavanaugh’s career, marriage, relationship with his family, and more.

Given the stakes at hand, and the fact that we are a nation where you’re innocent until proven guilty, hard cross examination to reveal the truth is absolutely necessary.

If the left really cares about the victims of sexual assault, then surely they want to make sure the right individual is punished for these crimes, right?

Source: Daily Wire

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