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VIDEO: Massive Whales Lands on Fishing Boat After Breaching the Surface

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Americans have long been fascinated with the sea, and for a plethora of very varied reasons.

We see the oceans around us as powerful, and massive in a way that plays tricks on our mind.  The sheer enormity of these vast swaths of our planet are the cradle of life for us, and there is plenty of reverence to be given to that sort of thing.

But the sea can be a bit of a frightening prospect as well.  Not only can the weather and the waves create conditions unsuitable for human life at a moment’s notice, there are creatures lurking within that are unfathomable in their might and size.

Some boaters in Massachusetts were given a not-so-subtle reminder of this reality just days ago.

A breaching whale crashed into a fishing boat in Massachusetts on Sunday in shocking footage posted to social media.

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Video shows a boat anchored off of White Horse Beach in Plymouth, Massachusetts, when a large whale breaches the water and crashes onto the boat’s bow.

Passengers all appeared to be at the stern of the boat, and there were no reported injuries from the incident.

The lack of injuries certainly appears miraculous, especially after you watch the video below:


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