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VIDEO: Mississippi Doorbell Cam Catches Female 'Apparition' in Driveway

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‘Tis the season for spooky, scary, and downright terrifying, and one family in Mississippi got a dose of all three while reviewing their doorbell camera footage this month.

With Halloween just a few days away, many Americans have ghosts and ghouls on the mind.  Soon, children will be dressing up their scariest outfits to coerce the neighborhood into giving them candy, while young adults will don their skimpiest constumes and try a little coercion of their own.

Many of us will gather around to tell scary stories, some that have been passed down for generations, and other spectral encounters that have occurred in their presence personally.

And, for some, there will be evidence to share.

A peculiar piece of footage from Mississippi shows a ghostly anomaly that briefly manifests over the driveway of a home and some suspect that the strange sight could be an apparition of a woman. The odd scene was reportedly captured last Monday evening by the security system of Kimberly Carlisle’s residence in the city of Waynesboro. As is so very often the case with such chilling incidents, she received an alert on her phone that the motion-activated camera had detected something noteworthy outside of her home and, when she looked at her phone to see what caused the notification, was understandably taken aback by what she saw.

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Kimberly was spooked.

In the video, a curious mist appears over Carlisle’s driveway and grows more solid as it wafts towards her home. In a matter of seconds, the material seemingly coalesces into the shape of a woman in a long white dress before the spooky ‘figure’ vanishes into thin air. Carlisle subsequently shared the footage on social media, marveling at the weirdness of what her motion-activated system caught, she conceded that the scene is “a little scary.”

Skeptics weren’t quite convinced, (which is par for the course), but you can judge for yourself below:


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