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VIDEO: Multiple Witness UFO Event Puzzles Texas Residents

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Over the course of the last few weeks, residents of the Lone Star State have been getting en eyeful in the night sky, and they’ve been left with more questions than answers on account of it.

Texas, which has become a bit of a UFO hot-spot in recent days, logged yet another strange encounter with lights in the night sky, this time with multiple witnesses having captured the phenomena on film.

According to a local media report, the curious case occurred on Thursday evening in the city of Round Rock when several residents noticed the eerie formation overhead. “It was mesmerizing, honestly,” said witness Emily White, who indicated that what particularly piqued her curiosity was the sheer number of orbs, which seemed to preclude the possibility that she was looking at a plane or helicopter. “There was so many of them together,” she marveled. Gus McGiven, who also observed the anomalies, mused that “I’ve never believed in UFO’s or anything like that, but I mean, I might, I might now.”

There was some pretty remarkable footage taken that night as well.

Fortunately, both witnesses were able to film the strange scene from their respective vantage points and they each captured footage of what appears to have been a set of five lights hovering silently in the sky. “It didn’t make any noise at all, which I just thought was really odd,” White said, conceding that she did briefly consider the possibility that “it was like the alien invasion or something on the way.”

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The spooky videos can be seen below:


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