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Video: New Yorkers Triggered by Being Asked to Donate to Donald Trump's Legal Fund

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Former President Donald Trump continues to live rent-free in his haters’ heads, and the triggering that erupts at the mere mention of his name is hilarious.

Comedian Ryan Long spotlighted the absurd hatred that most liberals, especially New Yorkers, have toward the 45th president in a YouTube video he filmed Thursday at Times Square.

Long asked random people on the street if they would consider donating to Trump’s legal defense fund. The former president was recently indicted four times for challenging the results of the 2020 election.

Instead of doing what most New Yorkers do when they see street canvassers — which is to ignore them and walk by — some stopped in their tracks to spout anti-Trump vitriol.

“Just wondering if you might be interested in donating some money to Donald Trump’s legal fund,” Long said.

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“Definitely not,” one woman said. “I’d rather donate my eyeballs.”

Long tried to sweeten the pot by saying donors could win a raffle to have lunch with the former president’s son, Eric Trump — with no success.

“He’s most odious person in the entire planet,” the woman scoffed.

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Long then tried another approach, telling one passerby that she could get a different coffee mug with Trump’s mugshot on it mailed to her every other month.

“Basically, we send you a mug of that mugshot every different month,” he offered the hesitant women.

Another pedestrian emphatically refused to donate any money.

“I hate him,” she snapped. “Do you think I’d wanna give him any money?”

Long offered other enticements, including a MAGA hat delivered in the mail every quarter, a “Sleepy Joe” nightcap, a signed bottle of Rudy Giuliani’s hair dye or a shout-out from Trump on his social media network Truth Social.

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“I would rather kill myself than have lunch with Eric Trump,” one woman ranted. “I hope he has the very best lawyer and gets many years in prison.”

After getting rejected by several other passersby, the video ends with a forlorn Long comically saying, “Nothing for me. The cup is empty.”

When the comedian posted a link to the video on X, numerous commenters laughed at the absurd meltdowns.

WARNING: The following tweet contains graphic language that some readers will find offensive.

It’s amusing that Trump Derangement Syndrome festers among his critics so much that many hyperventilate whenever he’s discussed.

If only liberals could constructively channel their emotional incontinence and got this angry about the rampant crime, daily border invasions and crushing inflation roiling the nation right now, imagine how great America could be.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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