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VIDEO: Ocasio-Cortez Apparently Thinks She'll be 'Inaugurated' to Congress if She Wins. This is Too Funny.

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It seems that Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a bit clueless when it comes to how Congress actually works, which is a scary reality when you consider the fact she’s running for office.

Apparently, Ocasio-Cortez spoke Monday at Boston University, her alma matter, where she said something, well, less than intelligent, a comment that made eyebrows go up all over the room. The comment, which had to do with implementing campaign promises should she win in November, mentioned her “inauguration.”

Yes, she thinks she’s going to have an inauguration if she wins her election.

“It doesn’t mean you get everything tomorrow. As much as I would love that, I would love to get inaugurated January 3rd [and] January 4th we’re signing health care, we’re signing this.”

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People on Twitter quickly noted that as a member of Congress, Ocasio-Cortez would be sworn in, not inaugurated like the president. She would also not have the ability to sign bills into law, as that would still be the responsibility of President Trump.

Monday’s mix-up isn’t the first gaffe, though, by Ocasio-Cortez. She got her political colors mixed up while on the campaign trail in July, and she was roundly criticized for flubbing an interview question in which she criticized Israel’s “occupation” of the Palestinian territories.

The political newcomer has been under the media spotlight as she gains support for her Democratic socialist promises, like free health care and college tuition.

If you’re going to run for a government office, shouldn’t you at least have a fundamental understanding of how that government works? Seems like that would be a good idea.

Ocasio-Cortez is supposedly the future of the Democratic Party. Hopefully that’s true, because the dumber their candidates, the better chance conservatives have at maintaining control of Congress.

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Source: Fox News Insider

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