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VIDEO: Ohio Woman Records So-Called 'Bigfoot Howls'

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In the deep, dark woods of the United States, there are plenty of wild and wily creatures to be found, from foxes and coyotes, to birds, boar, and bear.  And, according to some of the more colorful folks out there, perhaps even a giant, bipedal primate.

This week, a homeowner in Ohio is sharing what she believes is evidence of the mythical creature known as Sasquatch, claiming that she has captured vocalizations belonging to the alleged beast.

According to a local media report, Suzanne Ferencak captured the intriguing audio (which can be heard below) in the early morning hours of July 3rd in the community of Loudonville. While tending to a campfire in her backyard, she suddenly heard a rather peculiar howl burst forth from the forest near her home. For Ferencak, the moment was rather fortuitous as she has long suspected that there is a Bigfoot living in the remote Ohio location she calls home and, as such, she quickly began recording in the hopes of having captured proof of the creature’s presence at last.

This isn’t Ferencak’s first encounter, either.

Remarkably, Ferencak’s interest in the famed cryptid began nine years ago when she spotted what she believes was a Bigfoot bounding across a road. Strange activity like wood knocks and odd sightings around her property soon followed and she eventually concluded that the creature must be living in the general area. Although the inexplicable events around her home eventually came to a sudden stop, Ferencak continued keeping watch for general weirdness and began recording sounds from the woods around her property. Amazingly, she has amassed a staggering 20,000 hours of audio over nearly a decade, but “in all that time, I had not recorded anything decent” until the morning of July 3rd.

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While the enthusiastic Ferenack is adamant that she has captured authentic evidence of Bigfoot, some experts have suggested that the sound could be that of a male coyote, howling in the distance.

You can judge for yourself below:

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