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VIDEO: Parkland Fathers Heckles Biden During Gun Control Speech at White House

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President Joe Biden has been receiving criticism from nearly every angle during these first 18 months of his first term, including from members of his own party and other sorted liberals as well.

It seems as though the far left fringes of the party, who are the most vocal by far, have been willing to throw Biden under the bus with some serious gusto, as his actions as President continue to fall short of their progressive expectations.

For instance, the latest bipartisan gun control bill has irked many anti-Second Amendment advocates for not going far enough.

On Monday, as Biden attempted to pat himself on the back for the law, he was strongly heckled on the White House lawn.

President Joe Biden was interrupted by one of the guests at his gun control speech on Monday who was apparently upset with his failure to do more on the issue.

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The protester, wearing a t-shirt that read “We Demand Change,” interrupted Biden as he spoke on the South Lawn of the White House.

As Biden spoke about the “naysayers” who continue to express frustration with the inability to address gun control in the United States, the protester began shouting.

“We have to do more than that,” the protester was heard shouting.

The Commander in Chief responded sternly and coldly.

“Sit down, you’ll hear what I have to say,” Biden replied when the protester interrupted him. “Let me finish my comment.”

The heckler was removed from the event and later identified as the father of the victim of the Parkland, Florida school shooting of 2018.

Video of the incident has been making the rounds on social media, and can be viewed below:


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