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VIDEO: Possible Bigfoot Sighting in TN Sparks Hot 'Hoax' Debate

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For decades, folks in the rural nooks and crannies of the western slope of the Appalachian Mountains have been telling stories of a hairy “man” in the woods.

From Ohio to Florida and back again, Eastern Americans are forever telling tales of the Sasquatch, the Bigfoot, or the Skunk Ape.

Late last month, Tennesseans had a pretty hot debate about the latest purported evidence of the creature in their home state.

An odd video circulating online shows a sizeable bipedal creature with inordinately long arms lurking at the edge of a forest in Tennessee and while some suspect that the figure could be Bigfoot, others argue that it is a Halloween-inspired hoax. The footage was reportedly filmed late last month by a man on his property in the community of Silver Point. In the video, a large dark shape can be seen emerging from behind a tree as the bewildered witness asks aloud “do you see that?” He is then stunned to observe the creature move away from the tree out into the open and slowly venture further back into the forest.

The video is certainly worth examining.

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Online sleuths and skeptics took a deep dive into the story, however, and turned up some odd coincidences.

The footage initially elicited wonder from Sasquatch enthusiasts who marveled that the figure’s long arms could be proof that it is a genuine cryptid of some kind. However, serious doubts were soon raised after diligent Bigfoot researchers uncovered a social media photo of the witness from this past Halloween and the individual happened to be standing alongside someone dressed in a Grim Reaper costume that matches the size and shape of the ‘Sasquatch.’ Additionally, the getup included long ‘bony’ arms which would account for the peculiar physical characteristics seen in the video. Alas, barring an incredible coincidence, the most likely explanation for the footage is that it almost certainly a hoax.

While the Volunteer State certainly has been home to several rather noteworthy Bigfoot sightings over the years, it would hard to convince too many folks that this was one of them.

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