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VIDEO: Postal Worker Caught WILDLY Manhandling Packages in AZ

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With the holiday season now upon us in earnest, there will be a renewed focus on the hustle and bustle of the shipping industry, as both private and public carriers begin to work long and arduous overtime hours.

This is the Super Bowl of shipping so to speak, with corporations such as FedEx and UPS kicking their operations into overdrive in an attempt to keep up withe demand.

So, too, will we see an increase in the amount of packages flowing through the USPS, leading to an increase in frustration among postal workers, and a rise in the number of incidents of damaged goods.

Some will even be caught on camera behaving poorly.

An Arizona United States Postal Service worker was recently caught on camera flinging packages onto the back of a truck.

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According to Fox 10 Phoenix, the employee was seen throwing boxes of vinyl records from The ‘In’ Groove music store, which is located in the state’s capital.

“Three carts in total, and he was just throwin’ them in until there was absolutely no more space,” owner Michael Esposito told the station.

The store ships out up to 300 packages a day and watched the incident happen live on the surveillance camera.

And this wasn’t some lackadaisical toss, either.

“I mean, violently hurling them into the truck from about a 10- to 12-foot distance and then once the truck got full as they were falling back onto the ground he was throwing them back on top of the pile,” he said.

Esposito estimated that the packages were worth nearly $40,000 in total.

The USPS responded to the footage by stating that what they saw was unacceptable, but were barred from answering any questions about the employee’s status on account of privacy rules within the organization.

You can see the phonograph frisbee fracas below.

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