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VIDEO: President Drops F-Bomb in Latest 'Dark Brandon' Stunt

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The marketing managers of the Democratic Strategy really are going for it aren’t they?  They truly believe that they’ll be able to convince us that Joe Biden is some sort of secretly-hip, no-nonsense boss figure, when, in reality, he’s called Kamala Harris “President” so many times we’re not sure if it’s an accident anymore.

This is their  “Dark Brandon” character:  The “cooler”, meaner version of the President who not only calls his political opponents a “threat to democracy”, but who is now running around hurricane-ravaged Florida dropping F-bombs.

President Joe Biden dropped an F-bomb in a hot mic moment during a visit to hurricane-ravaged Florida on Wednesday.

The candid moment came as Biden exchanged words with Fort Myers Beach Mayor Ray Murphy, who had just thanked the president for coming to the state.

The two men were shaking hands, and Biden began to say something that was not quite clear in the audio. Several Twitter sleuths suggested he said, “No one f***s with a Biden,” although the last word in particular was muffled.

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Murphy replied, “Yeah, god**** right,” and laughed. Biden went on to talk about how “you can’t argue with your brothers outside the house.”

The clip went viral, unsurprisingly, with more than a few Twitter users decrying the profane language as yet another stunt in the “Dark Brandon” marketing ploy.

The video below contains strong language.


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