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VIDEO: Progressive Protesters Shout Despicable Things at GOP Rep and His Mexican Wife

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In case you needed more evidence that the left’s talk of “tolerance” and “racial equality” was bogus, here’s a story about what some aggressive liberal protesters did to Republican Rep. Jeff Denham of California.

Apparently, these so-called “activists” lined up along a fence so they could shout insults and lob various verbal grenades at Denham, even going so far as to shame his wife, who is a Mexican. Again, this is the crowd screaming “tolerance” from the roof tops.

The Modesto Progressive Democrats and other groups aligned with Josh Harder, a Democratic congressional candidate running against Denham in California’s 10th Congressional District, were in attendance at the protest. Denham’s campaign manager Josh Whitfield posted a video of the interaction on Twitter.

“Clip of @ModestoProgDems & @joshua_harder allied groups yesterday. A protester attempts to race shame @JeffDenham’s wife. You can clearly hear this person scream at Denham “Shame on your Mexican wife” This type of rhetoric has to stop, its fueling hate,” Denham’s campaign manager Josh Whitfield said.

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The female protester, who was holding up a sign in Spanish, not only called Denham “garbage,” but also said “Shame on your Mexican wife” multiple times. It is unclear what several of the other protesters were chanting.

National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Jack Pandol also tweeted out the video of the incident, which led Harder to “like” the tweet. It was later “unliked” by Harder, but Pandol saved a screenshot.

As you might imagine, the situation outraged Denham who took to Twitter to deliver a statement expressing his anger over the incident:

“Absolutely shameful for anyone to attack my wife on the basis of her race. Reprehensible that @Joshua_Harder would endorse that attack with a like on social media,” Denham said. “He should apologize. Sonia is an amazing wife & mother. We have been blessed with 25 years together.”

Sonia Denham, his wife, is not the first person belonging to a minority to support his campaign and be attacked and targeted by the left. Denham sent out a statement just earlier this week speaking out against a hate crime perpetrated against Surjit Malhi who is the chair person for Sikhi’s for Denham Campaign Coalition. Malhi was assaulted on July 31 while putting up signs for Denham’s campaign.

Clearly politics is critically important and has practical implications for our daily lives, but one should never be subjected to such harassment simply because they hold to a different set of beliefs than another individual. That’s wrong on many, many levels and is a sad testament to the current generations turn to try their hand at running the show.

Lord help us.

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Source: Free Beacon

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