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VIDEO: Protest to 'Abolish ICE' in Ohio Turns Really, Really Weird

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It seems the Democratic Party and leftists in general are on a mission to practically gift wrap the 2018 midterm elections to the GOP, especially now that they are completely losing their minds on the immigration issue and demanding that the government abolish the Immigration Customs and Enforcement agency.

A recent Columbus, Ohio protest calling for such action to be taken took a strange and disturbing turn when activists decided to hoist a woman up on a large wooden contraption and duct tape a man to the base of the object, all the while chanting “F*** the police!” in front of news cameras.

This is pretty insane.

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What these “enlightened” individuals fail to understand is that we are a nation of laws and we expect folks who want to come and be part of our country to abide by our laws and respect the boundaries we set at the border.

A nation without borders isn’t really a nation. Borders are essential for our sovereignty as a country and when folks just willy nilly sneak over and disrespect our laws and take advantage of our charity, it encourages others to do the same, leaving our resources depleted.

ICE is just doing their job to enforce the laws that already exist on the books, the very laws designed to keep criminals from coming into America and dealing out significant damage to our communities. They are absolutely necessary at the moment and the vast majority of Americans know this is true.

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But if the left wants to continue to deny that, go right ahead. It only ends up making folks vote for GOP candidates and further the conservative movement. We need all the help we can get.

Source: The Daily Wire

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