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Video Shows Bud Light's Painful Situation Inside Kentucky Gas Station: 'Boycott Is in Full Effect'

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Another day, another video showing that Bud Light is having a difficult time selling its beer.

A man on a road trip made a recording at a store in Kentucky showing shelves of Bud Light appearing mostly untouched.

On his Twitter account, Joey Mannarino posted a video with the results of his look at the beer coolers at a convenience store in Bowling Green.

In his Sunday tweet, Mannarino describe Bud Light using a vulgar term, then added: “I’ve been on a road trip most of the weekend and stopping in everywhere I get gas to check the stock. Bud Light isn’t selling AT ALL. THE BOYCOTT IS IN FULL EFFECT!”

Sure enough, the video seemed to show that many of the other beer brands were picked over while the Bud Light shelves were still mostly fully stocked.

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WARNING: The following tweet and videos contain very crude language that some viewers will find offensive.

Mannarino — a self-described “Political Strategist” and “Anti-Woke Warrior” whose pronouns are listed as “Shut/Up” — has made similar videos recently.

Two days earlier, he shared a similar video taken at a Buc-ees in Georgia.

It certainly seems as though Bud Light is still on the path of “go woke, go broke.”

The boycott, ignited by the brand’s partnership with transgender TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney, has been driving Bud Light’s fortunes to dwindle day by day.

The beer’s parent company, Anheuser-Busch InBev, has seen its shares plummet from $65.90 to $54.18 over the past month — about 18 percent. And JPMorgan predicts the company’s annual earnings will fall 26 percent because of the boycott, according to Newsweek.

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AB InBev has lost over $27 billion in market value since the boycott effort began in early April, the New York Post reported last week.

It is so bad for Bud Light that not even a promotion to give the beer away has stopped the bleeding. And just this week, Bud Light was toppled as America’s top-selling beer brand.

Despite the crashing sales and the boycott over social issues, it sure doesn’t seem as if the executives at Bud Light are learning any lessons.

Do you think Bud Light will ever apologize?

Just last week it was learned that the company was donating another $200,000 to another gay advocacy group.

If you are interested in spreading the boycott to AB InBev’s other brands, they include Michelob, Natural Light, Beck’s, Stella Artois, Rolling Rock and numerous “craft” beers.

Choose your beverage responsibly, America, and show AB InBev and Bud Light that you don’t support the groomer agenda these companies are aiming at your children.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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