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Video Shows Illegal Immigrants Have Taken Over Sections of Chicago's O'Hare International Airport

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Chicago’s O’Hare Airport – one of the world’s busiest, and a gateway to the city as flights arrive from all over the world — is also an encampment for illegal immigrants.

We normally don’t post much from Libs of TikTok, but you need to see this video of O’Hare published on the social media platform X, video reportedly not supposed to have been taken.

Besides mattresses and belongings on the floor by the window, you’ll see black, sectioned-off areas housing what are said to mainly be Hispanic men.

The sections are reminiscent of the kind of railroad Pullman car sleeping facilities you see in old movies.

Welcome to Chicago, all you people from all over the world. Is this a good first impression or what?

“I received this from a source in O’Hare Airport in Chicago. Parts of the airport were sectioned off to house illegals. There were too many illegals and now they overflowed into the terminal area,” the Libs of TikTok post stated.

“My source says they were mainly Hispanic men and he was asked not to record. Why are they trying to hide this?!”

Over the weekend, the invaders were not limited to some 200 at O’Hare, according to WBBM-TV in Chicago. Eighteen were staying at police stations and some 500 were at so-called “landing zones.”

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“Landing zones” are designated areas where migrants are dropped off, according to, the website of the weekly suburban publication the Wednesday Journal of Oak Park and River Forest.

Upon arrival, the city of Chicago provides migrants with a warm bus until they can be processed into a shelter and the city is erecting six tents for temporary housing, according to WBBM.

Also, a CVS is being revamped into a shelter for 200 people, according to WBBM.

And Chicago is far from the only community that is facing an influx of migrants after touting itself as a “sanctuary city.” New York City and its Mayor Eric Adams are probably the best known examples.

Of course, nothing beat the hypocrisy of residents of Massachusetts’s Martha’s Vineyard when it came to migrants flown to the island in September by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

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Welcome, welcome, the local diversity queens purred, before making sure the visitors were quickly whisked off the island.

Then there was sanctuary city Washington, D.C., which called out the National Guard last year to handle the immigrants.

We love immigrants, big city mayors say. But we don’t need any more.

Yet red state government officials are busing – and even flying – the invaders to those who initially put out a welcome mat, causing sputtering against the influx.

As they sputter, those blue state officials also note their constituents are not at all happy about what’s going on.

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But remember, the blessing of the diversity that is our strength needs to be celebrated in Chicago, New York, Denver — places other than small, overrun Texas towns.

So when you fly into Chicago’s O’Hare, especially on the red eye, be quiet as you leave the security area and go toward the street exit.

Be courteous and don’t wake up the residents.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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