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Video Shows Putin Shaking Uncontrollably as Health Rumors Swirl

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Given just how bizarre his behavior has been of late, the rumors surrounding Vladimir Putin’s health have been potent, to say the least.

The Russian President has had a bit of a fatalist streak about him in recent months, defying the international condemnation that has accompanied his invasion of Ukraine and acting very much as though he hasn’t a single care in the world.

Many believe that this could be due to a reported terminal cancer diagnosis, or perhaps a secret battle with Parkinson’s disease.

New video of the Moscow madman seems to back up some of those beliefs.

Speculation about Vladimir Putin’s health has been rife since before he was catapulted into the daily news bulletins because of his invasion of Ukraine in February. The Russian leader has sparked questions about his status as reports began to emerge about him suffering from cancer. Putin appeared quite shaky on his legs as he listened to Russian filmmaker Nikita Mikhalkov accept a prize rewarding his work in the arts.

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Footage from the ceremony shows Putin standing just off the podium, his arms straight by his side.

The Russian President appears to be struggling to stand still, evidently swaying back and forth in an undulating motion.

Pentagon sources have suggested that Putin has been diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer in recent months, and that he is set to cede power to a close confidante in the coming months as he undergoes a lengthy and necessary surgery.

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