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VIDEO: Strange Light Pillars Appear Above Russian Cities

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With their invasion of Ukraine failing miserably, the Russian military is getting rather desperate.

A great many of their soldiers are simply surrendering at their first opportunity, as they’ve been thrust into battle completely unprepared and untrained, simply to slow the Ukrainian counterattack down as cannon fodder.  Those that have remained loyal have resorted to unholy, genocidal behavior, the likes of which has already spawned over 15,000 war crimes investigations.

At the Kremlin, the humiliation has gotten so bad that Vladimir Putin is talking about using nuclear weapons to turn the tide of his illegal war.

Amid all of this wild talk, a strange phenomenon has begun appearing over the skies of Russian, and many wonder if the military isn’t involved.

An eerie pillar of light appeared in the sky over a Russian city this week and sparked all manner of wild theories as to what was behind the peculiar sight. The strange incident reportedly occurred on Tuesday evening in the community of Belgorod and was witnessed by multiple bewildered residents who photographed and filmed the wondrous sight. Social media in Russia was soon flooded with accounts of the strangeness unfolding over the city with many wondering what could have caused the curious scene.

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So what could it be?

Since Belgorod is a mere 25 miles from Ukraine, one theory was that the light pillar could have been a test of some kind of exotic technology. Specifically, it was suggested that the anomaly was derived from a weapon system known as Peresvet which the country has been developing for the last four years and involves using lasers to ‘blind’ satellites. As one might imagine, this ominous speculation was alluded to by a few Russian media outlets, though many people online expressed skepticism regarding that hypothesis.

Some scientists have suggested that there could be a natural explanation for the light pillars, with ice crystals in the atmosphere reflecting natural or man-made light.

Video of the strange phenomenon can be seen below:


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