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VIDEO: Tucker Carlson Breaks Down Why Democrats Have Flipped on Illegal Immigration

Right on the money.



In recent years, the Democratic Party has become more and more in favor of open borders and protecting illegal immigrants from the very laws of our immigration system designed to keep both our citizens and our resources safe and secure.

The left tends to try justifying this shift in principle with the guise of “compassion,” but is that really always the case?

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has created a new Prager University video called “Illegal Immigration: It’s About Power,” where he dives deep into the shift from being against mass immigration to the acceptance of it by the Democratic Party and why it happened.

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“I recently watched a group of protestors, most of them young, denouncing President Donald Trump’s immigration policies,” Carlson says. “They were waving Mexican flags and shouting: ‘¡Si, se puede!’—’Yes, we can!’ This is now the rallying cry of the open-borders left, but it wasn’t always. In fact, I wondered if a single person at the protest knew where it came from.”

Carlson explains how the slogan was first promoted by the founder of the United Farm Workers union Cesar Chavez. The Progressive hero opposed illegal immigration so much he would send his men into the desert to assault illegals trying to get into the country because he reasoned that they would cause wages to drop for legal immigrants.

“Until recently, most Democrats agreed with Chavez,” Carlson continues. “They opposed unchecked immigration because they knew it hurt American workers. And they were right.”

He explains, “One study by a Harvard economist examined the effects of the mass migration of Cuban refugees to this country in 1980—the so-called Mariel boatlift. He found that American workers in Miami with a high school education saw their wages fall by more than thirty percent after the refugees arrived. If you believe in supply and demand, this is not surprising.”

Carlson points out that as recently as 2006, the Democrats were in favor of building a border wall and for enforcing the immigration laws.

“So, what changed?” Carlson continues, “Not the economics of it. The law of supply and demand remained in effect. It’s not a coincidence that as illegal immigration surged, wages for American workers stagnated. What changed is that Democrats stopped caring about those workers. About the middle class, really.”

It’s unfortunate, but the left doesn’t seem to really care about these individuals so much as they see them as means to an end. Immigrants provide new lifetime Democrat voters, which in turn means the left gets to retain political power.

No longer are immigrants people, but votes to be had.

Hopefully that will one day change.

Source: Daily Wire


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