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VIDEO: Unhinged O'Rourke Drops F-Bomb on Rally Attendee

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During Donald Trump’s first term in the White House, the American electorate became intimately familiar with a barely-fictional affliction known as “Trump Derangement Syndrome”, in which liberal found themselves unable to function in a civilized or humane manner if even the slightest mention of the President was made in their presence.

It would have been humorous if it wasn’t so disturbing, to be honest, as screeching and screaming leftists threw tantrums, made scenes, and became unhinged any time that Trump or his conservative base was in the room or in their heads.

And, despite Trump being currently out of office, it seems as though some of this uncontrolled angst remains, as evidenced by the latest despicable outburst by Texas gubernatorial longshot Robert Francis O’Rourke.

Texas gubernatorial hopeful Beto O’Rourke dropped an f-bomb Wednesday while confronting a heckler who apparently laughed at the Democrat’s plea to control gun violence.

The emotional moment unfolded at the Crazy Water Hotel in Mineral Wells, about 85 miles west of downtown Dallas, as O’Rourke was discussing his hopes to curb mass shootings.

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O’Rourke was referring to the May 24 shooting in Uvalde when 19 children and two teachers were killed at Robb Elementary School by a gunman who purchased weapons just after turning 18.

The moment was disturbing.

“You could (legally) buy two, or more if you want to, AR-15s, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and take that weapon, that was originally designed for use on the battlefields in Vietnam to penetrate an enemy soldier’s helmet at 500 feet and knock him down dead, up against kids at 5 feet,” O’Rourke said.

A snicker could be heard coming from behind O’Rourke and the candidate turned toward a corner of the room where supporters of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott had gathered.

O’Rourke angrily gestured in that direction.

Then came proof positive that the leftist wasn’t ready for public office.

“It may be funny to you, motherf—–, but it’s not funny to me,” O’Rourke said to wild cheers from his supporters.

The tense moment can be seen below:

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O’Rourke is no stranger to controversy, having burst onto the political scene in a cringe-inducing video that saw him rolling around on a skateboard with some youths in a Whataburger restaurant parking lot.

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