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VIDEO: Woman Claims She Was Raped by Cop, But Body Cam Footage Paints a Different Picture

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We live in a time when being a police officer — a job that was already indescribably difficult — has become nigh to impossible thanks to the false narrative being pushed by liberals in the media that cops are violent racists who love to kill black people.

As a result of the undue hysteria, many police departments have equipped officers with body cams in order to help them have objective eyewitness footage of events as they transpire.

And while many on the left think this might help bust police officers in the midst of wrongdoing, it also catches folks who might be attempting to cop bash as a means of getting out of serious trouble.

Like when a woman from Texas  was caught driving while intoxicated and then falsely accused the patrol trooper of raping her.

The Texas Highway Patrol Trooper pulled over 37-year-old Sherita Dixon-Cole after she allegedly committed a traffic violation. They arrested her and took her to the Ellis County Jail, where she was formally charged with DWI. In a press statement, the Texas Department of Public Safety wrote:

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Following the arrest, spurious and false accusations related to this traffic stop were made against the Texas Trooper. Upon learning of those allegations, the Texas Department of Public Safety immediately took action to review the video in connection with this traffic stop and arrest. The video shows absolutely no evidence to support the egregious and unsubstantiated accusations against the Trooper during the DWI arrest of the suspect. The Department is appalled that anyone would make such a despicable, slanderous and false accusation against a peace officer who willingly risks his life every day to protect and serve the public.

The allegations were published in The Root and by far-left activist Shaun King, who appeared to add even more allegations to those made by Dixon-Cole, saying that she was “kidnapped” and was “being held hostage.”

These claims are in no way supported by any part of the nearly two hours of body cam footage that was released by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Several other allegations made by King in his Facebook post also appear to be blatantly false. King also reposted many of the allegations to his Twitter account, where they got tens of thousands of retweets.

This woman’s behavior is truly disgusting. She was willing to destroy a man’s reputation and his career simply because she wanted to get out of the consequences of her own poor decision making.

Rape is a very serious and awful crime, one that should never be made light of, a statement of fact that every woman who has been victimized will surely agree with, yet that’s precisely what Dixon-Cole has done here.

Again, it was a good thing this officer had his body cam on to catch this woman in the act of lying, otherwise he would’ve become national news for a totally different reason and may have lost his job as a result.

Source: The Daily Wire

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