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'The View' Host Considers Leaving US, Claims She's 'Upset 24 Hours a Day' Living in Deep-Red State

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Ask a leftist which countries the U.S. should emulate, and he will likely point to the Nordic region, which, as we all know, is a socialist paradise on earth.

But there is a great irony in the left’s admiration of these countries: They’re a diversity consultant’s nightmare.

This dilemma doesn’t get a lot of play among the “Feel the Bern” types, but on Friday it came to the fore — on “The View,” no less.

The ladies were discussing how Finland has been named the happiest country in the world for the sixth year in a row.

Co-host Sunny Hostin took the leftist line and theorized that the Finns are happy because they have their government to take care of them. She pointed out that Finland provides free health care and a year of maternity leave, among other things, thus creating a worry-free utopia.

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“All those life stresses that we worry about — like, ‘How am I gonna pay for my kids’ school? How am I gonna pay for my house? How am I gonna do this?’ — they don’t have it! They’re just hanging out!” Hostin noted.

Joy Behar played devil’s advocate and pointed out that they also pay higher taxes. I don’t know, Joy. It’s hard to argue against “just hanging out.”

Behar and Hostin remarked on how much unhappier Americans seem to be in comparison, including co-host Ana Navarro.

“Maybe if you lived in Florida you would be upset 24 hours a day too,” Navarro said to sympathetic applause from the audience. You see, nothing makes leftists more upset than living in a deep-red hellhole where the governor removes porn from school library shelves.

“Time to move,” Behar said.

Navarro said she was actually thinking about applying for a chance to win a luxury Finnish vacation — before she ran into the problem with all of the left’s model nations.

It turns out that over 90 percent of Finnish citizens are… Finnish. The largest minority group? Swedes. Oh, dear. That won’t do. That won’t do at all.

Now, Navarro didn’t outright say she didn’t want to visit Finland because it has too many white people. She specifically lamented the country’s lack of Cuban restaurants and good tacos.

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But even if one could live without Hispanic cuisine, liberals still have to face the embarrassing fact that the countries they revere are monolithically white. If diversity is our strength, Finland is awfully weak.

Another mark against Finland? It has a state church. (Well, a state church in which bishops are prosecuted for teaching that homosexuality is a sin, so the country may actually earn some progressive brownie points there.)

On a less ideological note, Navarro also acknowledged that any migrant from Florida to Finland would have to learn to brave the cold.

In the winter, Finns face average temperatures below freezing and lows of -50 degrees. In Miami, meanwhile, the monthly average temperature never dips below a pleasant 68 degrees.

Don’t feel too bad, Finns. In a battle over who has better weather, going up against a place literally called the Sunshine State would be tough for anyone.

So would leftists really bundle up and move to Finland? I’m sure they could get used to the cold. The real trouble would be admitting they want to live in a country where 99 percent of the population is white.

And with no systemic racism to shadowbox against, I don’t know how they’d fill their time.

Oh wait, there’s a budding racism industry over there, too? Never mind. Finland could be a progressive paradise yet.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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