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Vile Trend Takes Over Twitter After Ivana Trump Dies

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Is there no limit to the cruelty of the liberal left?  Can they actually find it in their hearts to use some of that empathy that they’re always accusing the right of lacking?  Could they just let people grieve without making it about them?

The answer to those questions was a resounding “no” late on Thursday night, after the death of Ivana Trump, first wife of the former President.

Ivana Trump, the ex-wife of former President Donald Trump, has died at age 73, the family told ABC News.

The former president said she died at her home in New York City.

Ivana Trump was Donald Trump’s first wife. They had three children together: Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric Trump.

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Her loved ones remembered her fondly.

“Our mother was an incredible woman — a force in business, a world-class athlete, a radiant beauty, and caring mother and friend,” the Trump family said in a statement.

Trump was found at the bottom of the stairs in her home, having suffered cardiac arrest.

It didn’t take long for liberals to begin making vile and insensitive jokes at the family’s expense, including a moment when the phrase “wrong Trump” was trending on Twitter.

And there was plenty more of this gauche garbage to be found.

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What was it that Michele Obama said about “when they go low, we go high”?


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