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Viral, Chair-Swatting Waitress Fired by Waffle House After Brawl Caught on Tape

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Somehow, perhaps thanks to folks like Kid Rock, southern-born late-night diner chain Waffle House, has become known more for their violent brawls than their hash browns.

The restaurant, which offers up strong coffee and greasy eats 24 hours a day, has been trending on Twitter several times over the past few months as often-drunk and rowdy patrons find themselves on viral video, bludgeoning each other and the Waffle House staff.

The latest clip to make a splash on social media comes to us from Austin, Texas and features a young woman deftly, almost preternaturally, swatting away a metal chair tossed at her head by a customer.

Unfortunately, the restaurant’s leadership was not impressed.

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A former Austin, Texas Waffle House employee, who became a viral online sensation after coolly deflecting a chair that was chucked at her during a melee, told Fox News Tuesday that her superiors rewarded her by writing her up for property damage, and she has since been blacklisted by the restaurant chain.

“Waffle House” was trending on Twitter last week after a video of a female employee catching and slapping down a chair during a brawl at one of the chain’s restaurants in Austin, Texas surfaced online.

Halie Booth, dubbed the “Waffle House Wendy” for her quick reflexes and impressive deflection, spoke out in an interview on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Tuesday, offering her side of what went on that night and how she was treated by the chain in the months following the incident.

After the patrons lambasted Booth, tossing silverware and other items at her, the cook retaliated by sending a salt shaker their way.

This is what led to her firing.

After Booth threw the sugar shaker at the woman, the customer climbed onto the counter and fell onto the other side. She was then removed from the cooking area, at which point she grabbed a chair and threw it at Booth. That is when Booth calmly caught the chair with one hand, smacking it down to the ground.

“It all happened so fast. It was mainly a pure rush of adrenaline and instinct that had me going,” Booth told Carlson.

Instead of applauding her composure at the moment, Booth said her boss came in to watch the security footage and wrote her up for throwing the sugar shaker, which she said amounted to “destruction of property.”

Worse still, when Booth went to apply for a job at another Waffle House states away, she was told that the company had blacklisted her, making her ineligible for employment at any of their locations.

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