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Virginia Parents Confront School Board Members Over CRT, Chant 'Racist' at Them

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The Virginia gubernatorial election, which ended with a surprise victory for GOP candidate Glenn Youngkin in an increasingly blue state, was proof positive of how energized parents are over critical race theory in the Old Dominion’s schools. That hasn’t changed just because they won some elections.

In a showdown between parents, activists and school board members in Fairfax County, Virginia, individuals protesting the school board chanted “racist” as a speaker handed out books on CRT.

The battle hinged on admission standards for the prestigious Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, according to the Daily Caller. Opponents of the new admission policies, which are supposed to foster diversity, have said they nakedly discriminate against Asian-Americans.

Members of the school board admitted as much in text messages to each other obtained via a lawsuit.

(The Western Journal covered this — and has been on top of developments out of Fairfax County since the battle for the soul of its schools erupted on a national level. We’ll continue to bring you news and analysis on this important issue. You can help us in our efforts by subscribing.)

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At a school board meeting this week, parent activist Asra Nomani distributed copies of “Race to the Bottom,” a book by investigative reporter Luke Rosiak that details the goings-on in Fairfax County, including the lowering of admission standards to Thomas Jefferson to reduce the number of Asian students.

Nomani chastised the woke school board for its, um, rather homogenous makeup.

“You’re a white man, you’re a white man, you’re a white man, you’re a white man!” Nomani said. “This is racism!”

Parents at the meeting then began to chant “racist” at the board members.

“You are the new face of racism,” Nomani told the board. “I have here a copy of a book for each one of you: ‘Race to the Bottom.’ You are all in this book. … I hope you read them from cover to cover and see yourselves in the pages of history as failures.”

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It’s also worth noting, as many outlets did, that security details moved close to Nomani at one point during her speech.

“[Fairfax County Public Schools] surrounded me like I was a domestic terrorist with a bomb in my hands,” Nomani tweeted. “What was in my hands? 12 copies of ‘Race to the Bottom’ by [Luke Rosiak[ because [FCPS] is competing with every woke school district in America in a race to the bottom.”

Of course, the parents at the meeting may have been angry, but they had much to celebrate — namely, that a federal judge had ruled the admissions policies were racist.

According to WJLA-TV, Judge Claude Hilton ruled that the “overhaul” of admission standards “has had, and will have, a substantial disparate impact on Asian-American applicants.” Hilton’s ruling went on to say the county had made “discriminatory changes” to Thomas Jefferson’s admission policy.

Nomani made sure to raise the point at the meeting.

“For the last two years you have been trying to make us invisible, but a federal judge has ruled that, in fact, you are going to go down in history, just as I told you you would, just like the school board in Brown vs. Board of Education,” she said.

Heck of a thing to be remembered for, I’d say.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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