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Vladimir Putin Begins Mass Production of Unstoppable Nuclear Rockets

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In a move that reeks of overcompensation in the same way that a loud exhaust on a 4-cylinder car does, Russian President Dictator Vladimir Putin is now ramping up production on a bit of nuclear overkill meant to have the rest of the world shaking in their boots.

Putin, after being caught red-handed attempting, (and failing), to influence American politics via some sort of army of cyber-trolls, is now pouring Russian resources into amassing a cadre of “unstoppable” hypersonic missiles.

MASS production of Russia’s terrifying Zircon hypersonic missile has begun, as tensions with the West mount.

The Kremlin boasts that the 6670mph weapon – which carries a conventional or nuclear warhead – is “unstoppable”.

The go-ahead for full-scale production of Zircon at a top-secret plant near Moscow follows recent successful tests of the missile.

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Most recently, there was a successful test of the hypersonic missile from a frigate in the White Sea on 18 November.

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