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Vocal UFC Fighter Gives Sin City a Show with Bible Cage Entrance, Rebuke of Satan and Major Accusation

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The always outspoken fighter Bryce Mitchell was reported as “stealing the show” after winning his match at UFC Vegas 79 on Saturday when he entered the Octagon hoisting a Bible, took a knee to pray for the victims of the Maui fires, and made a controversial accusation.

The unapologetic Christian fighter began the night by raising his Bible over his head in the octagon and yelling, “Freedom,” BroBible reported.

But it is what he did after he won the fight that had the media talking.

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Mitchell won the fight by decision on Saturday, but after the referee announced the win, Mitchell raised his Bible once again at center ring and put his arm around opponent Dan Ige’s shoulder.

Ige is a native Hawaiian, and Mitchell had something he wanted to say.

“I brought this Bible in here tonight because I do believe Satan is taking over this earth,” Mitchell claimed. “Something specifically I’m talking about is these fires in Hawaii. I will be donating $5,000 to Dan Ige tonight to give to people in Hawaii.”

“We have to show Satan that he can do nothing through the power of Christ when we come together,” he added.

But he also had something more controversial to say. He went on to insist that the fires that destroyed the Maui town of Lahaina were not natural, but were instead “man-made.”

“These fires in Hawaii, I don’t believe they were natural. I believe they were man-made they are trying to take the land from the natives,” he exclaimed.

As the interview in center ring wound down, Mitchell asked Ige if he would consider praying with him for the victims of the Lahaina fire. Ige seemed somewhat reluctant at first.

But seconds later, the two fighters took to their knees for a short prayer.

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In its report on the incident, MMA Weekly said that Mitchell “stole the show” with his prayer.

Do you agree with his theory?

But not every media outlet found Mitchell’s actions to be praiseworthy., for instance, accused Mitchell of “virtue signaling” in its headline on the story. also noted that many on social media blasted Mitchell for his post-match actions. One, for instance, insisted that Mitchell’s antics in the ring are “getting worse.” Another blasted Mitchell as “a thoroughly unlikable and stupid human being.”

Mitchell has engaged in controversial statements before, so the incident is not a new phenomenon for him. But he has a winning UFC record featuring seven wins and only one loss to date.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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