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VP Pence Calls Out Dems For Launching 'Ad Hominem Attacks' On Trump, Says Economy And 'Law And Order' Are On The Ballot

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Vice President Mike Pence gave an interview on Friday where he took an opportunity to put the upcoming election in proper context, noting that what’s really on the ballot this go-around is the economy and the concept of “law and order,” which is something that has seemingly been tossed in the garbage over the last several months.

This is in contrast to the radical leftist agenda of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, as well as other Democrats, who have seemingly made the entire election to be about what Pence calls “ad hominem attacks” against President Trump.

Check out the details from Fox News:

Pence’s message after the final night of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) and ahead of the Republican National Convention (RNC) was the exact opposite of how Democrats portrayed the election this week — as a choice about the character of the two candidates. Pence acknowledged as much in his Friday comments, which came in an interview with “Fox & Friends.”

“Joe Biden said last night … democracy is on the ballot, character is on the ballot,” Pence told the morning show’s hosts, before laying out what he said the election was all about. “The economy is on the ballot. Law and order is on the ballot. And the American people know it…. the contrast with what Joe Biden and the Democrats are offering is astonishing.”

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Pence said that Biden would “raise taxes on the American people by $4 trillion, to advance a $2 trillion version fo the ‘Green New Deal.'” He continued to say that the Democratic nominee’s policies, which he said were “overtaken by the radical left” would “simply invite more violence and more mayhem in our streets.”

He added that “there was so much negativity, nothing but ad hominem attacks” and “a very negative view of America” at the DNC.

Pence’s observations are right on the money. The Democratic Party did nothing but attack the president during the entirety of the Democratic National Convention. There was no casting of a vision for the future of America, nor was there much in the way of providing hope and help for solving the issues that really matter to people.

It was fear mongering at it’s most deplorable. The left is seeking to scare people into voting for Biden instead of giving them legitimate political reasons for doing so.


Because their platform has been tried over and over again, but has failed to produce the promised results. If they run on policy, they will surely lose. So instead, they have made it personal.

Here’s to hoping the GOP do a better job of providing real solutions next week and give us all a platform to believe in, rather than relying on fear tactics to motivate the Republican base.

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