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Wallet and Keys Stolen from Democratic City Councilmember While Talking to Businesses About Crime

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The crime-infested blue state of California has devolved into a haven for law-breaking hoodlums, thanks to Democrats’ soft-on-crime policies that have emboldened theft and thuggery.

In the latest example, Kalimah Priforce, a Democratic council member in Emeryville, had his wallet and keys stolen from his bike bag on Monday, KPIX-TV correspondent Betty Yu reported.

“The thing is that they’re not going to get much from it,” he joked. “I am on a politician’s budget.”

Ironically, the theft occurred shortly after the leftist rode his bike to the Bay Street Mall to talk to local store owners about the rampant crime that has been plaguing the small California city.

Emeryville, a suburb of Oakland, is supposedly considered one of the best places to live in the Golden State.

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The fact that a Democrat was robbed in a suburb that’s considered an ideal place to live spotlights just how grim the situation is in California, which has imploded under liberal policies.

The day before the robbery, mobs of teens swarmed the Bay Street Mall and engaged in a violent melee.

Do you think crime has spiraled out of control in America?

According to police, the brawl began with around 50 teens fighting in a store before the violence spilled over outside.

“One gunshot was fired, one person was stabbed, and workers at stores like Bath & Body Works locked themselves in the stock room” to protect themselves, Yu posted on X, formerly called Twitter.

Skyrocketing crime has become a hallmark of Democrat-controlled cities nationwide, including Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia.

On the same day that the California councilman was robbed in Emeryville while speaking to constituents about rising crime, a TV news crew in Chicago was robbed at gunpoint while reporting on a surge of armed burglaries.

This sickening pattern of lawlessness is metastasizing nationwide while the Biden administration allows daily border invasions and sends billions of U.S. tax dollars to fund the war in Ukraine.

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Democrats’ soft-on-crime policies are destroying whole neighborhoods, hurting small businesses and endangering public safety.

How much more suffering must Americans endure before this crisis is acknowledged and addressed?

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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