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'We Want You Back': Trump's Gracious Act Caught by Cameras During Campaign Stop in Iowa

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Former President Donald Trump bought ice cream for fans at a Dairy Queen in Council Bluffs, Iowa, on Friday following a well-received campaign speech.

Chants of “We love Trump!” and “USA!” could be heard as the 45th president and 2024 GOP candidate entered the restaurant.

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Trump proceeded to the counter and began chatting with the staff.

“Everybody wants a Blizzard. What the hell is a Blizzard?” he said.

He then began passing out ice cream to the crowd on hand.

A woman called out to him, “We want you back, Trump.”

Trump commented on a shirt one man was wearing: “Look at that — 45, 47.” The message, of course, was that Trump will be not only the 45th, but the 47th president.

People cheered at the prospect.

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In April, Trump made a surprise stop at a pizza shop in Fort Myers, Florida, after delivering a speech.

He handed out slices of pizza to those nearby.

During his Friday speech in Iowa, Trump joked, “Every time I get a subpoena, you know, my polls go up, I get more and more subpoenas.”

“These are crooked people. Never happened in our country. It’s called weaponization of the Department of Justice and the FBI. We’ve never had anything like this. And it’s all bulls***, too,” Trump said to applause.

“That’s why my polls go up. I’m the only person [who] ever got indicted who became more popular! Because people understand it.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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