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WaPo Columnist Storms Off When Confronted with 'Evidence' Biden Knew, Participated in Son's Shady Business Deals

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A liberal columnist from the Washington Post quit an interview when the host presented him with evidence that President Joe Biden knew about his son’s questionable activities.

Last week, podcaster Noam Dworman hosted Philip Bump of the Washington Post on his “The Comedy Cellar” podcast to question him about information that suggests that the president was well aware of and profiting from his son Hunter’s shady business dealings.

The two spared for over an hour as Dworman presented Bump with different pieces of evidence before the host brought up a text that Hunter Biden sent to his eldest daughter.

“What do you take from the text message to his adult daughter — Hunter’s text message — ‘I have to give 50 percent of my income to pop?” Dwroman asked.

Bump responded by claiming that he had “no idea” what Hunter meant by the message and that “it’s circumstantial evidence, and you prefer that to direct evidence.”

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Dworman responded by saying that regardless, it is evidence that needs to be brought into consideration, “[Y]ou say, ‘There’s no evidence, no evidence.’ But then there’s a text message where he says, ‘I give Pop 50 percent of my money.’ That’s evidence!”

Bump then signaled his intention to leave the debate, saying, “Okay, fine! Fine. It’s evidence. I appreciate you having me on.”

Dworman continued to press the question before Bump said, “I feel you want me to leave, like just walk out in the middle of this.”

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Dworman shot back, asking if it was standard practice at the Washington Post for reporters to leave interviews when presented with facts they disagree with before letting Bump go.

This encounter shows just how brainwashed journalists at outlets like the Washington Post are. They cannot bring themselves to even consider the possibility that Joe Biden was involved with his son’s business even when confronted with the hard facts.

Biden himself has denied all involvement in his son’s activities, even as evidence suggesting the contrary continues to mount.

This evidence includes a bombshell FBI report from July, which claimed that Biden was very involved in Hunter’s dealings with the Ukrainian company Burisma while he was vice president.

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Then there is the testimony of Hunter’s former business partner Devon Archer, who claims that Hunter and his father often spoke about business together and that Hunter would have Biden on the phone for clout during business meetings.

And yet, in spite of all of this, journalists like Bump continue to play dumb and try to pretend that everything is fine and that there is no reason to suspect Biden of any wrongdoing.

Frankly, we should not be surprised, as these same journalists ignored factual information about COVID-19 that contradicted the official narrative.

If these journalists want the public to trust them, they have to be willing to consider all the evidence when it comes to a particular story, especially one that concerns the reputation of the president.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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