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Warren Admits What We Already Knew Regarding Mueller, Impeachment

It isn’t that Trump’s “not worth it”, it’s that the democrats don’t have the “goods”.




Washington DC is just one giant chessboard at times, with our public servants finding themselves, pawns, queens, and rooks – sometimes simultaneously.

Of course, all of this politicking is ostensibly unfortunate for the American people who rely on these elected officials to improve our daily lives and work to protect our various versions of the “American Dream”.  When the ruling class finds themselves four layers deep in some political rabble rousing, We The People take a backseat along with our wants and needs.

We are all, as Americans, currently embroiled in what could be one of the most egregious scandals in the history of our nation…one way or another…and we won’t know exactly who to target until Robert Mueller issues his final report.

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You see, there are two paths forward with Mueller:  Either he finds irrefutable and undeniable evidence of Donald Trump’s “collusion” with Russia that is powerful enough to convince even the most stubborn of the MAGA masses, or he doesn’t.

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In the latter case, Mueller will have been outed as a pawn, whose sole reason for still existing within the DC Swamp would have been to sow doubt on behalf of the democratic party leading into 2020.  This would likely send the nation into an uproar.

But, even without the Mueller report, there are plenty of precocious, young democrats working the impeachment angle.  They are being tempered by longtime liberal leaders such as Nancy Pelosi, who absurdly and childishly claimed that Trump was “not worth it” in regards to impeachment.

2020 Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, like many of us, know why Pelosi is backing off of her impeachment talk, and had no problem speaking the truth about the democratic plans:

They are waiting on the Mueller report.

This is the earlier chessboard we spoke about in action.  The democrats can’t begin impeachment, even though they spend nearly every day of their lives attempting to convince the rest of the nation that Trump is impeachable, because they’ve tied themselves to Robert Mueller.  Heck, it’s their conspiracy theory that he’s investigating.

Impeachment that precedes the possible exoneration of the 2016 Trump campaign in the eyes of Robert Mueller would be a political disaster for the left, and would undoubtedly be the final nail in the coffin of the democratic party.

It’s Bobby or bust for the democrats.

It isn’t that Trump’s “not worth it”, it’s that the democrats don’t have the “goods”.



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Dems and Trump Agree: Release As Much of The Mueller Report as Possible

When Trump and the democrats agree on something, but Mitch McConnell doesn’t, where do we go from here?



mueller report

It isn’t very often that you’ll find Donald Trump and  a majority of the democratic party on the same page…especially in regard to the Russian “collusion” conspiracy theory. For nearly two years the democrats, along with their lapdogs in the “infotainment” industry, had already precluded that Donald Trump was some sort of Russian double agent, handpicked by the Kremlin to rise to the highest office in the land in order to do Vladimir Putin’s bidding. Yes, it was absurd, and yes, we’re glad that Robert Mueller sorted that out for us. Now, the democrats, the American people, and Donald Trump all seem to agree:  Show us the report. The republicans, on the other hand, seem hesitant. House Democrats pressed the Justice Department to provide the full report from special counsel Robert Mueller even as Republicans gleefully called for them to “move on” from the Russia investigation . President Donald Trump accused those responsible for launching Mueller’s probe of “treasonous things against our country” and said they “certainly will be looked into.” Trump said the release of Mueller’s full report “wouldn’t bother me at all,” and Democrats quickly put that statement to the test, demanding that his administration hand over the entire document and not just Sunday’s four-page summary from Attorney General William Barr. The President has said on several occasions that releasing the entire report would be amenable to him, as he maintains his innocence in the matter. Mitch McConnell yesterday struck down an attempt to make the entire report public – a move that has raised some eyebrows among Trump supporters and other conservatives.      

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Wikipedia Joins Censorship Racket with ‘Paid Protection’ Posts

As if it weren’t enough to have the mainstream media’s infotainment imbecility on our doorstep, Wikipedia is now coming under fire for malfeasance as well.




In society today, there is an embarrassing reality that we must face, in which information is so readily available that entire cottage industries have sprung up around the idea of herding and hoarding such knowledge. Of course, it all began with the mainstream media; an “infotainment” complex of well-paid and ostensibly attractive people telling you what happened today, in their own words.  Where are these exorbitant salaries generated?  During the commercial breaks that these television personalities are tasked with leading you in and out of. So, of course, a grain of salt is necessary when getting any information from these wealthy pundits. In our modern day, however, there is a new realm in which we can find ourselves bamboozled by “facts” and the gatekeepers that control them.  I’m speaking, of course, about the internet – a place whose ideas about free speech certainly don’t line up with the reality on the ground. While most of the discussion about internet censorship and far-left fascism revolve around entities such as Facebook and Google, a new tidbit of information has Wikipedia coming under fire as well. A report in Huffington Post recently revealed the case of Wikipedia editor Ed Sussman, who was paid by media clients such as NBC and Axios to help diminish critical material. Paid editors operating in a similar manner to Sussman have worked on behalf of CNN contributor Hilary Rosen and the CEOs of Reddit and Intel, among other clients. Other conduct by Sussman not covered by the Huffington Post shows him authoring fluff pieces for NBC executives and getting his proposed changes approved by another paid Wikipedia editor. Just how sleazy are the adjustments? In one example Feinberg cited, Sussman requested changes to the page of Axios journalist Jonathan Swan regarding a false report he made last September claiming…

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