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Warren Records Video Saying 2020 Campaign Needs A Lot of Cash or Won't Be Around Much Longer

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Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign can’t be too far from calling it quits, given his disastrous performances in Iowa and New Hampshire. Now, it looks like Elizabeth Warren’s campaign may soon go the way of Kamala Harris’s and Eric Swalwell’s.

The top dogs vying for the Democrat nomination are Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg. That much is clear. Everyone else is merely fighting for third place, at this point.

Warren released a video on Thursday begging for an influx of cash. In other words, she’s not long for this race.


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More on Warren, from Fox News:

Maybe she hopes to get a few delegates she can exchange for a Cabinet job if a Democrat wins. Maybe she wants to sabotage Bernie Sanders because he’s a sexist by siphoning votes from him. Or maybe she just likes traveling around giving speeches with lots of servants around her, flying on private planes, which she loves to do.

But one thing for certain: Warren is not running for president because she thinks she can become president – because she can’t. Despite that, in her non-concession speech Tuesday night — and this is very telling — Warren bragged about taking half the bank account of a broke college student to finance her doomed ambitions.

Warren needs her uninformed fanbase to know that white people are the enemy. Of course, Warren, herself, is white – which makes this a lot funnier. But still, the point was made: whitey is bad.


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