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Warren: Trump Advocating for 'Violence Against Black Americans' - 'Illegal, State-Sponsored Killing'

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To say that failed presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was reaching by just a tad when she claimed Trump was calling for “violence against Black Americans” would be a bit of a stretch.

She completely jumped.

From Breitbart:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) on Friday accused President Donald Trump of advocating for “illegal, state-sponsored killing” after the president threatened to use the National Guard to crack down on riots in Minneapolis in the wake of George Floyd’s death.


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Here’s what Warren is talking about, a tweet that Twitter decided to slap a warning label on…


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Despite claiming she was of Indian descent for decades only to have that myth publicly disproven over an embarrassing phone call, Elizabeth thinks it would be best for the American people to choose a person for office who doesn’t lie.


Warren has been caught lying on so many occasions that it’s kind of ridiculous.

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From Daily Wire:

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) refused to answer a question from a CBS reporter on Sunday about whether it was acceptable for a presidential candidate to lie to the American public.


The problem is that Warren can say whatever she wants and get away with it because she has the media on her side. Thanks, Obama.



H/T: Twitchy

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