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Watch: Act of God Unfolds Directly Behind Fetterman as He Slams Trump and Praises Obama

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As Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman took his place behind the podium during a rally in Pittsburgh on Saturday, it was a scene out of Campaign Rally 101.

Sunshine. Big crowd. A row of American flags fluttering in a mild November breeze.

Not for long.

As Fetterman, Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor, began his pitch to voters to urge them to support him instead of Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz, things did not go quite according to the script.

“Today, Dr. Oz is going to be standing with Donald Trump on the stage,” Fetterman said. “I’m going to be proud to be standing with a president that is 100 percent sedition-free.”

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At the mention of former President Barack Obama being “sedition-free,” a sudden gust of wind toppled the flags behind Fetterman like so many dominoes.

The candidate did not acknowledge the mishap.

“I’m running to serve Pennsylvania. He’s running to use Pennsylvania,” Fetterman continued.

Crew members soon scurried to pick up the fallen flags.

Twitter was amused.

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Commentator Todd Starnes shared his thoughts on the incident on his website.

“If that’s not a metaphor for what’s about to happen to the Democrat Party, I don’t know what is!”  he wrote.

The Pennsylvania Senate race is a dead heat, with Fetterman leading by less than a percentage point and Oz having won five of the last six polls.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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