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WATCH: Baker Who Faced Supreme Court Stuns Critics With Humbling Confession

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The LGBT community largely bemoaned the outcome of the highly anticipated religious liberty case brought before the Supreme Court last week, in which Christian baker Jack Philips was granted his first and ultimate victory over the same-sex couple for whom he refused to bake a wedding cake five years ago.

Philips is the owner of Masterpiece Cake Shop, who the Colorado Human Rights Commission had ruled against when the case was brought before them by David Mullins and Charlie Craig.

Mullins and Craig had tried to purchase a cake for their wedding from Philips in 2012, who declined on the basis of religious objections to same-sex weddings, though he informed the couple he’d be happy to provide them with any other product in his bakery or employ his services for anything else.

And he ended up before the Colorado Human Rights Commission on the basis of discrimination against his potential clients.

Here’s the thing: the LGBT left, does not view rights as something inherent that the government cannot restrict, but rather something the government can grant and restrict at their pleasure, with enough pressure from outraged social justice warriors, of course.

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So when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Philips, they saw it as a defeat for civil liberties, rather than a victory for religious freedom.

What they miss, of course, is that liberty was upheld for all Americans when the court ruled that the government may not apply religious hostility to any case. It also protected the LGBT community from prosecution from courts who may be overly hostile towards their lifestyles.

These are the values our nation was based on–and they’re the values Philips himself holds.

In his first cable interview since the ruling, he clarified to Fox and Friends hosts that his personal objections to the messages conveyed by his culinary artistry are universally applied to everyone who walks into his shop.

“I don’t do cakes for Halloween; I wouldn’t make cakes that would be Anti-American, or disparage people in any way, including people who identify as LGBT. If somebody asked me to do a cake like that, then I would tell them no,” he explained.

These are Christian values. These are American values. This is the liberty we are assured will not be infringed by our Constitution. Philips refused to bake a wedding cake because of his biblical values–but he also would refuse to bake a cake that sent any kind of godless message about same-sex weddings as well. He reserves and deserves these rights as an Amerian Christian, and they’re the same rights guaranteed to all Americans.

Here is Philips humbling and touching interview following his victory at the Supreme Court:

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