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WATCH: Beto O'Rourke Openly Mocked & Humiliated By Hosts of 'The View' — He's Finished

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When you’re a Democrat running for president who gets bashed by the hosts of “The View,” something’s up.

Like, you might want to re-evaluate why you’re running for POTUS in the first place.

Is it all about the inevitable book deal? Are all morals lost?

Check out how the left-leaning audience claps when Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain mock Beto…

From Daily Wire:

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On Monday, in a shocking turn on “The View,” the audience, which had hitherto swooned in past shows over Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke, turned on him after hosts Meghan McCain and Whoopi Goldberg tore into him, with McCain attacking the media’s fawning coverage of him while pointing out that a woman would be pilloried if she left her kids and went on a road trip to find herself, as O’Rourke did after losing his Senate race to Ted Cruz in Texas. That elicited applause from the show’s typically leftist audience, which prompted Goldberg to agree with McCain and mock O’Rourke, bringing laughter.

McCain noted, “I think there is, there’s a sort of cognitive dissonance; I don’t know which comes first; you’re right. Bernie, Biden, Buttigieg, they’re polling in the top three (unintelligible) in Iowa, New Hampshire, most swing states right now. Polls can change. I don’t know if it’s that journalists are following them because they’re doing so well; I will say it is noteworthy Pete Buttigieg is a minority in and of itself; he’s an openly gay man so that’s historical as well.

She added, “I will say that what bothers me of all the coverage of the candidates so far is — and I know you like him, but Beto’s coverage infuriates me on an almost daily basis. No woman could ever lose running for Senate and then go on a Jack Kerouac road trip, abandoning his wife and kids, finding himself (Goldberg starts laughing) then do an announcement on the cover of Vanity Fair, that’s what he did, and then going on — he did; he left them and went on a road trip to find himself after he lost. No woman could do that. And then he went on —


O’Rourke went to Penn State University for a speaking engagement.

He may or may not have considered his time there a success, considering he had no answer whatsoever when asked by a student about his policies.


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Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked to name Beto’s signature accomplishemnt while he was a member of Congress.

What happens next is pure Nancy.

She had nothing; no answer.

From Daily Wire:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi struggled to name a single accomplishment that former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) had while he was in the House of Representatives when she was asked by a reporter on Thursday during a press conference.

“Beto O’Rourke announced today that he is running for president,” NBC News’ Kasie Hunt said. “What in your view was Beto O’Rourke’s signature accomplishment as a member of the House?”

Pelosi: “Beto brought vitality to Congress…when he came, he came as a real champion for the environment. He got a great deal of support from the environmental community in his district, he won a primary on that subject.

Pelosi: “And, also, he was a member of the Armed Services Committee, a strong member of the Armed Services Committee, which is very important for his district. In preserving our planet and protecting our people, they’re at least two areas in addition to his vitality in so many different ways.


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