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Watch as Biden Shakes and Screams During AFL-CIO Speech

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Is he losing it?

President Joe Biden became irate during a Tuesday speech to the AFL-CIO, the largest confederation of union organizations in the United States.

The passionate speech saw the embattled President list off his preferred excuses for the range of crises facing the nation under his administration, angrily denying responsibility for the dismal state of the American economy.

The president demanded his critics be silenced, claiming that criticism of reckless spending under his leadership amounted to ‘”lies.”

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“We’re changing people’s lives!” insisted the 79-year-old.

That might be true, but those lives are not changing for the better; Biden’s presidency has resulted in the most severe decline in middle-class quality of life in decades.

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Biden repeated his signature “Putin price hike” excuse for the dismal state of the American energy market in the speech, declining to take responsibility for failing to deter Russia’s war on Ukraine or for devastating the production capacity of the American natural gas industry.

The stock market crashed yet again on Monday, erasing all of the gains made in the duration of Biden’s presidency, according to CNN.

Inexplicably, Biden claimed that Americans have more savings than ever before under his tenure, ignoring the reality that a crumbling economy has devastated the 401k and investment savings of the average American.

Watch as Biden Shakes and Screams During AFL-CIO Speech

In a speech colored with dishonesty, the President even claimed that America has been spared the worst of global inflation, even as the inflation rate in the United States outpaces other western developed countries.

According to Trending Economics, the current inflation rate in the entire European Economic Area is 8.1 percent. The most recent queried inflation rate in the United States is even higher at a whopping 8.6 percent.

But don’t expect a left-wing ‘fact checker’ service to call out Biden for saying something that is simply untrue.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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