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WATCH: Biden Stumbles Over Own Words So Badly Even Dems Should Begin to Wonder What’s Up

It’s getting bad, you guys.

John Salvatore



It’s bad.

Really bad.

When a guy doesn’t know what state he’s in and flubs at least one sentence with every block of words that comes from his lips, something is up.

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Here’s the latest example…

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from about 0:40-1:10 in here is …. yikes


My God!

His mumbles and stutters make me cringe so much! I don’t want to, but I honestly feel really bad for him..

He shouldn’t be running for president. It’s just sad to watch him struggle to get a sentence and a thought out.

there’s no way you can view this video and think this man is 100% in control of his faculties. It’s shocking that he’s still in the race at this point.

Is this sad show an official campaign video?

Omg, he can’t even get a sentence out without stumbling. Trump would eat him alive in every debate!
For godsake, vote for Sanders. He’s got all the energy, all the plans and he’ll shred Trump on the debate stage!

Don’t blame age. This is your brain on centrism.

My guy isn’t sure what state he’s in (physically or mentally) so I’ll go ahead and put all of Biden’s thoughts over here 🚮

This is just gibberish from a candidate who clearly doesn’t have the faculties to complete a sentence, much less be president.

H/T: Twitchy

Save conservative media!


Report: New Evidence Suggests Over 40,000 People Have Died In Wuhan From COVID-19


John Salvatore



Unless you voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and plan to vote for Joe Biden in November, there’s a decent chance you’re aware that China is most likely lying about its death totals when it comes to coronavirus. On Friday, a left-leaning outlet reported the communist regime might already have over 40,000 deaths – just in Wuhan alone. From Washington Post via Daily Wire: The coronavirus pandemic ravaging the globe officially claimed 2,563 lives in Wuhan, where it began in a market that sold exotic animals for consumption. But evidence emerging from the city as it stirs from its two-month hibernation suggests the real death toll is exponentially higher. … Using photos posted online, social media sleuths have estimated that Wuhan funeral homes had returned 3,500 urns a day since March 23. That would imply a death toll in Wuhan of about 42,000 — or 16 times the official number. Another widely shared calculation, based on Wuhan’s 84 furnaces running nonstop and each cremation taking an hour, put the death toll at 46,800. Here’s more COVID-19 randomness, via Twitter…

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Ilhan Omar: ‘Hundreds of Thousands’ of Americans Might Die Because of President Trump

A little hyperbolical…

John Salvatore



Imagine having nothing better to do with your life than slamming the duly-elected leader of the free world, non-stop. People like Ilhan Omar (MN) honestly believe that President Trump is doing a bad job handling the coronavirus. He’s not. He has actually taken tremendous steps to slow the spread. But libs are gonna lib, no matter the situation. From Fox News: Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., argued that President Trump could cost “hundreds of thousands of lives” through his administration’s “completely failed” response to the COVID-19 pandemic. “I think with each day that goes by, it becomes clearer and clearer how badly this administration has completely failed the American people,” Omar told Sirius XM host Dean Obeidallah during the Thursday edition of his radio show. Omar said, “When you have the richest country in the world and we have all kinds of advantages, yet thousands, yet hundreds of thousands of people could die because of his mismanagement and his inability to really be quite upfront with people is quite devastating. As you just pointed out, for weeks, this president downplayed this crisis.” Here’s more COVID-19 randomness, via Twitter…

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