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Watch: Biden Suffers Back-to-Back Close Calls While Boarding Air Force One Despite Using Short Stairs

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Watching the leader of the most powerful country in the free world fail to navigate a short flight of stairs should not be as painful as it is.

Nor should it be such a regular occurrence.

And yet, in the year of Our Lord 2024, geriatric President Joe Biden gives us this sad spectacle with clockwork regularity.

In a clip shared by RNC Research on X, Biden is seen attempting to ascend the shorter set of stairs recently put in place for Air Force One.

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Thankfully, Biden does not take an epic tumble as he has in the past, but he still stumbles on the steps twice in the ten seconds it takes him to mount the stairs.

Not only that, but, in response to their post, RNC research further explained that a “Secret Service agent is placed at the bottom of the stairs whenever Biden boards or disembarks to prevent this very scenario from happening,” according to The New York Times.

Yet he still stumbled despite, as Monica Crawley said in her caption for the video, being “hyper-focused on not tripping.”

Other users didn’t miss Biden’s inability to mount this short flight of stairs without incident, with users commenting “he really is struggling now,” and pointing out how “[t]hat’s not going to prevent him falling only maybe help him up or stop him falling back down the steps. He really needs a steady arm up the steps which would be hilarious.”

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On Monica Crawley’s repost of the video, many users shared the same sentiments.

One user noted that he “counted 15 steps. Before the new stairs were installed, AF1 had at least twice that many steps,” and another commented, “They really shouldn’t make that old man walk up stairs like that. Do you think the Air Force guards have a betting pool to see how many steps he makes before he trips?”

Even Biden’s worst enemies and fiercest critics have to feel bad for him at this point.

Why is his administration continuing to prop him up like this, when he’s clearly in advanced states of physical and mental decline?

Granted, under normal circumstances this wouldn’t be all that noteworthy.

Plenty of younger folk stumble going up and down the stairs every now and then, and it’s nothing to write home about.

Is Biden fit for office?

With Biden, however, we’ve seen him fail to walk up a flight of stairs time and time again, even tripping over a sandbag on a flat surface at the 2023 Air Force Academy commencement.

As these incidents, together with Biden’s frequent tendency to spout gibberish when trying to say anything, pile up, it reinforces the impression that most people have: Biden is a senile, frail old man, who has no business being anywhere near the office of president.

His handlers’ tendency to keep him away from the press unless its absolutely necessary, likewise, doesn’t do much to change that impression.

The Biden administration needs to face reality — Biden is incapable of running the country, and it’s cruel to try and make it seem like he can.

Let the man retire already, not only for the good on the country, but for the sake of his own health.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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