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WATCH: Biden's Latest Teleprompter Flub Sets Twitter Ablaze

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Another week, another bit of nonsensical gibberish from President Joe Biden.

The constantly confused Commander in Chief has become known, worldwide, for his signature gaffes, flubs, and linguistic lurches, some of which have sparked concern among the American people as to their President’s mental health.

This time around, the septuagenarian career politician appeared to be reading his teleprompter a little too literally.

President Biden faced backlash from yet another embarrassing gaffe on Monday while trying to share a website to stop fraud in his student debt handouts plan.

Biden announced the launch of an online application portal for those earning less than $125,000 per year receive up to $10,000 in handouts. Regarding criticisms of the plan, Biden also promoted the Federal Trade Commission’s website for reporting fraud.

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However, Biden stumbled along promoting the FTC’s website, spelling out the word “dot” while giving the URL.

The wording was somewhat confusing, to boot.

“If you get any questionable calls, please tell us by going to report fraud…report fraud, D-O-T, F-T-C, dot gov,” Biden said, for the website

The moment had Twitter users stunned.

And that wasn’t all:

“Glassy-eyed Biden gets another absolute ass kicking from the teleprompter,” CRTV engagement director Jason Howerton wrote.

“Stand strong, Joe! You’re the only thing standing between us and Kamala,” YouTuber Todd Masson joked.

This isn’t the first time Biden’s found trouble using a teleprompter.

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The President some weeks ago managed to read his own instructions to the crowd, creating a brief flag in which “end of quote” was trending on Twitter.

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