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Watch: Bone-Chilling Video Captures Evil 'Lessons' Hamas Mom Teaches Her Children About Jews

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The driving force of most parents is to safeguard their children’s lives. This includes even at the expense of their own. It is a core instinct, born into us to ensure the perpetuation of the species.

That sounds very clinical. Love makes it anything but. It makes parenting a transformational, holy experience. When you meet your children for the first time, it is as if you are seeing God in their eyes.

This makes it really difficult to understand how some ideologies and cultures raise their children on diets of hate. It goes against God and nature. Yet, it happens, which explains exactly how evil and deep-seated these teachings are, and where they could lead our world if not extinguished.

Evidence of this is found in an interview with one Hamas terrorist’s mother aired by the Quds News Agency (Palestine) on May 7. It is shared and has been interpreted by MEMRI, a nonprofit established in 1998 to help bridge the language and understanding gap between the West and the East. Thus, I am relying on their interpretation to construct this article.

The interview was with the mother of Hassan Qatanani. According to MEMRI and QUDS News Agency, Qatanani “was the Hamas terrorist who murdered a British-Israeli woman named Lucy Dee and her two daughters in a shooting attack in April 2023.”

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The breath of her words speaks to pure indoctrination from parent to child and generation to generation. The mother is both a victim and a perpetrator of hatred and an agenda to overtake the world with evil, the depth of both being so strong that it overrides all instinct and rationale.

So skillfully packaged, we are now seeing a form of this being embraced through sympathy in our own nation. It is masked of course, but its intentions are no different.

In the way stand dissenting humans and God. In the mother’s own words, “He loved martyrdom. He would say to me, day and night, ‘Mom, I want to be martyred.’ He would kiss my hand and say: ‘Pray to Allah that I will be martyred’… Praise be to Allah for granting him what he wanted… [We] cannot accept what the Jews did to us. We should fight them with our children, with our money, with our families, with our fingernails. We should devour the Jews with our teeth… The Jews are our enemy from beginning to end.”

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There is nothing Godly or normal in this mother’s thinking. No worldly agenda naturally comes before the agenda of the health, wellness and life of your child. Imagine if you lived next to people who thought this about you and your children.

It’s the reason Israeli parents like “Itay and Hadar Berdichevsky rushed to conceal their 10-month-old twins in a shelter, where they remained for 12 hours until they were rescued by Israeli soldiers,” according to the Independent. The parents were shot dead prior to their children being rescued but they saved their kids.

If anything in parents’ control supersedes the protection of the lives of their children, you know pure evil is behind it. This clearly lays out who is on the wrong side of this war. Hamas.

The first breath of life is the only time Hamas children aren’t being indoctrinated. It just continues from there.

In the United States, we’ve been so spoiled and coddled, many are seeing this conflict through rose-colored glasses. To moderates and liberals primarily, it is simply another altruistic bandwagon to board.

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Hardly. Continue that thinking and it will bring to our collective doorstep the very fate now on Gaza.

Corpses of babies burned to death in our own nation will be our new horrific normal. They won’t just be photos from a distant land, one whom we sympathize with today but forget about tomorrow.

Leaving more moms of terrorists to thank Allah as they welcome death to anyone who isn’t in agreement with their thinking. “Anyone with courage in his heart cannot accept what the Jews did to us. We should fight them with our children, with our money, with our families, with our fingernails. We should devour the Jews with our teeth, because they banished us, banished our fathers and mothers.”

If man is made in the image of God, this isn’t God. This is pure evil. The time to wake up was yesterday.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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