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WATCH: British Pub Experiences 'Ghostly' Beer Spillage

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When one thinks about a possible trip across the pond to Great Britain, they often think of popping into local pubs in between their sightseeing jaunts, to soak up the hardwood-ensconced ennui of the UK over a pint and perhaps an order of fish and chips.

And, of course, a great many of the pubs of Great Britain have stories of a resident specter that still influences the grounds to this day.

This week, the alleged antics of a ghost in the town of Kendall were caught on camera.

The proprietor of a purportedly haunted pub in Britain believes that a mischievous ghost is behind a recent incident wherein a patron’s pint of beer inexplicably fell off of a table. The strange event reportedly occurred last month at The Ring O Bells tavern in the English town of Kendal and was captured on video by the site’s security system. In the footage, a pint of beer can be seen sitting on a table before slowly moving towards the edge until it topples onto an empty chair, surprising some patrons standing nearby at the bar. According to the pub’s manager, Scott Dawson, “the glass was sat on the table for a good while before it moved. There was nothing to trigger the movement – it’s as if there’s a presence there.”

This wasn’t the first time something like this had occurred either.

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He went on to explain that this particular area of the pub has had pints mysteriously tip over on more than one occasion and that they have even switched the table in an attempt to fix the problem, but the spilled drinks have persisted. While skeptical observers will undoubtedly suggest that the glass simply slid along the table due to condensation, Dawson suspects that there is a supernatural reason for the event. Noting that the nearly three-century-old establishment has something of a reputation for being haunted, the manager suggested that the spill could have been caused by one of the site’s resident spirits.

The spooky video can be seen below:


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