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Watch: Charles Barkley Torches Biden and Democrats on CNN, Says They 'Only Care About Black People Every Four Years'

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The Democrats are going to be in trouble if more people start catching on to their habits.

NBA legend and CNN co-host Charles Barkley called out President Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats for only caring about the black community during election cycles.

“The reason I think the Democratic Party and Mr. Biden, President Biden, is losing black votes is they only care about black people every four years,” he stated, according to the New York Post.

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“They come into our neighborhoods and say ‘We’re gonna make stuff better. We’re gonna do this, do this, do this.’” he continued.

“And then finally, us black people are like ‘Hey man, other than my ability to dunk a basketball, all my neighborhoods are still the same. Our schools are still the same, and that’s why I think black people are leaving, disappointed in the Democratic Party,” the basketball star said.

The CNN co-host then shared that he has “voted Democratic every time just ’cause [he] thought it was gonna help black people and poor people,” a common claim that the party makes.

But as Barkley seems to be beginning to realize, while the Democrats may claim that they’ll work to raise black communities, they never follow through.

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Instead, they move on to the next group they need support from, be it the LGBT community, climate activists or weed junkies.

“But then I’m starting to look like, man, I understand why black people are leaving [the Democratic Party], want to vote for somebody else …” Barkley said.

The CNN co-host is exactly right, there are many reasons to stop supporting the Democratic Party.

When politicians fail to uphold the promises they make to voters, the voters need to respond by abandoning those who’ve done nothing to help them.

The black community has overwhelmingly voted for Democrats. A Pew Research study shows between 1992 and 2016, nearly 70 percent of the community identified with the blue party.

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In contrast, only about five percent identified with the Republican Party.

But even after decades of strong support, what have Democrats done for black people?

They’ve worsened inflation, increased violent crime and pushed for drug legalization, all of which have affected black communities heavily.

In comparison, in just the four years former President Donald Trump was in office, he worked to reform the prison system, something that disproportionately affected black communities, reduced the unemployment rate for blacks and restored funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities, even increasing it by 14 percent, per The American Presidency Project.

Unlike the Democrats in power, Trump was able to back up his promises to help black communities with actions.

It’s becoming clearer by the day which party has the intent to help black communities and which one is just saying it to pull in the votes.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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