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WATCH: Creepy 'Ghost' Caught on Video Camping Tutorial

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As the month of October arrives, many of us will undoubtedly find ourselves in the mood for something spooky.

Maybe it’s your yearly rewatching of The Shining, or an overnight stay in a haunted hotel.  There are ghost tours to be taken, haunted hayrides to be ridden, and plenty of scary stories being passed between friends around the campfire.

But, for one outdoor aficionado, it wasn’t just a ghost story that visited his campsite…but maybe the real McCoy.

A YouTuber filming a camping instructional video was taken aback when he reviewed his footage and noticed a man briefly appears in the background of the scene before seemingly vanishing into thin air. The spooky incident reportedly occurred at a lake in Northern Ontario during the making of what was meant to be a demonstration of how to cook S’mores using a Swedish stove. In the video, as the outdoorsman prepares a spot outside of his cabin for filming and his dog wanders around in front of the camera, a man can be seen off in the distance walking towards the shore of the lake. However, before he completely moves out of frame, the mysterious stranger inexplicably fades into nothing and disappears from sight.

The area has a history of odd phenomena.

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The lake where the scene was filmed is said to be the site of eerie paranormal activity such as sightings of mysterious balls of light and similar accounts of people on canoes who dematerialize in an instant.

Not everyone is convinced that an authentic apparition made an appearance, however, as skeptic consider the possibility that the sunlight’s angle is playing a trick on our eyes.

You can see the strange anomaly below:

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