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WATCH: Creepy 'Humanoid' Captured on Trail Camera

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If you spend enough time in the woods, or if you spend enough time with people who spend enough time in the woods, you are bound to hear some pretty wild stories about just what can be encountered in the deep, dark forests of the world.

This week, a terrifying tale of some backwoods beast has arrived from the far flung corners of Australia, after a telltale  piece of video evidence has emerged.

A motion-activated trail camera in Australia captured some strange footage of what appears to be a small humanoid peering out from behind a tree and revealing a set of spooky glowing eyes. The very weird video was reportedly filmed in a wooded area near Sydney on October 21st. In the footage, a forest setting can be seen illuminated by the trail camera which the owner of the device believes was activated by something off in the distance. Suddenly, a peculiar round shape emerges from the darkness and seemingly cast a shall shadow on the tree behind it. Chillingly, the curious anomaly looks to be sporting a pair of glowing eyes as it gazes towards the camera.

The video was rather perplexing:

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While somewhat difficult to discern in the darkness, multiple enhanced versions of the video (seen above) show that the oddity bears an uncanny resemblance to the bulbous head so often associated with extraterrestrials. Since the suspected visage appear to be about two or three feet off the ground, many viewers have surmised that perhaps the anomaly is an alien being or, failing that, an otherworldly entity.

Skeptics weren’t so sure, however, with many suggesting that the eerie footage was just a matter of light and shadow playing tricks on the eye.

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